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Nritya Sangamam - Program Report- February 2015 - Hyderabad

(The North and South Classical Dance Performance)
Program Report
5th February 2015


"Program-  conducted by Indian council for cultural relations and Sri Gnana Saraswathi Music and Dance Academy Vidyanagar, Hyderabad.

Kathak Dance Performance by ICCR empanelled artist Mr Sourav Roy from Kolkata, and Kuchipudi dance performance by disciples of Smt Vani Ramana

The program started with lighting of lamp at 6.10 pm with the program organizers     Smt Vani Ramana (Academy Director) and Smt Umadevi (ICCR officer) and the Kathak Master Mr Anjibabu  and Ardhanareeshwara Venkat.

Sourav roy started the performance-

Ardhanariswara is a composite form of Shiva and Parvati. Ardhanariswara is depicted as half male and half female, split down the middle, represents the synthesis of masculine and feminine energies of universe. One half shines with golden yellow champa flower and other half shines in bright white of karpura. One side of the head is adorned with a beautiful braided decoration and other  sports an unkempt jata mukuta. This  stotra is writen by  Adi Shankaracharya , set to Raag Bhatiar , Taal Jhaptaal.

 Taalanga is next in Tala Teen Taal,16 beat time cycle explore through traditional Thaats or musical frameworks,bols and foot work in vilambit laya. This is followed by drut laya of TeenTaal,the dancer depict through foot work and traditional compositions like tora, parmelu and paran.                        

GAAT NIKAS-        
A beautiful  part of Kathak, showing abstract visually beautiful gaits or scene from daily life, like Sadi gat, Bansuri ki gat, Talwar ki gat, and Mayur ki gat.
This is a MEERA BHAJAN “ HARI TUM HARO JANKE PIR”.. where Meera describes how The Lord Krishna protects his she describes three stories..1st one is“DRAUPADICHIRHARAN”  from MAHABHARAT, 2nd one is story of” PRAHLAD AND NARASINGHAVATAR “   from  “AGNIPURAN”  and 3rd one is “GAJRAJMOKHSHA” . this  item is set to Raag- Bhatiar, Taal- Rupak, and Teen taal.

A rendation of joy in speed,beauty,grace and rhythm,in Raag Malkauns set to Teentaal.
Ater the wonderful performance of sourav roy, the organizers felicitated the artistes with a flower bouquet, shawl, memento.

2nd part performance of SGS academy students, desciples of Smt Vani Ramana, performed Kuchipudi dance items

1 BRAHMANJALI :praising the god Nataraja, and welcoming the audiance- performed by Kum:AMULYA REDDY
set by ragamalika and adi talam

2. SARASWATHI STUTI(vandeham sharadaam) : praising of goddes saraswathi-
performed by Kum RADHIKA
 kalyani raagam, misra chapu talam

3. NARAYANATEERTA TARANGAM(BALA GOPALA): praising  and showing the Lord Krishna's chilhood and footwork on the plate. performed by Smt Pragnya
bhairavi -Misra chapu

4. DASHAVATARA SHABDAM: the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu was performed by Kum Amulya- The item is in Mohan Raagam, Misrachapu Talam

5. ANNAMACHARYA KEERTANA(VACHHENU ALAMELU MANGA) : showing the style of goddes alamelumanga performed by Smt PARVEEN. Hindola Raagam, Adi Taalam

6. MANDUKASHABDAM : is a tradition shabdam of kuchipudi, which also depicts the gajendra moksha story was performed by Radhika and Pragnya- Mohana Raagam, Misrachapu Talam

7. JATHISWARAM: depicts the nrutta(foot work of dance), with jathis and swaram. performed by Amulya,Pragnya , and Radhika- Atana Raag, Adi Taal

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