Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Dance Review- Pay Attention

Dance Reviews:

Why dance reviews are still very important?


> Do not get confused with dance reports, program reviews and notes to dance reviews.

> Not every review is a review. Reviews in national news papers from known and acknowledged critics carry more weight as compared to simple and general reviews from attendees.

True Critic:

The true critic is a true friend. I come up with good amount of post- performance material but nothing is more valuable than a good third party, unrelated but neutral critic. A true critic bridges the distance between the dancer and the common man

Role of Organizers:

Even organizers should not shy away from giving importance and respect to neutral writers. Most of the organizers fear that the repute of their events would get tarnished if there is a bad review. But remember, everybody knows that an organizer has nothing to do with the reviews of a neutral writer and standing the test of a neutral and learnt critic enhances the reputation of the organizer in the long run. 

Never allow conflict of interest and never try to denounce a critic - readers/ enthusiasts play a key role here:

Both organizers and dancers should never interfere with a critic's work. Patience pays and  if dancer's pay attention to the material and analyses the content of the review, it would prove to be a valuable lesson and exercise.


Pay attention to dance reviews, don't pay to dance reviewers to get a good review. 

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