Thursday, 21 May 2015

The Porous Earth - A Classical Dance Performance - "Dancing the Poem" - The Inspiration - April 2015

"The Porous Earth" recently was premiered in Hyderabad. Kiranmayee, Bharatanatyam Dancer, student of renowned Bharatanatyam teacher and guru Smt Hemamalini Arni, explains the inspiration behind and the producing of our "The Porous Earth"- at first a poem, a poetess.. Mrs. Tejdeep Kaur Menon and then taking the shape of Kiranmayee in her dance.  

In Kiranmayee's words:  "Kiran, I'd like you come in tomorrow - I want discuss this idea with you. I plan to put up a ballet, something that I put off for so many years now, I think I'm going to take the plunge and just go ahead and do it!", said Hema Aunty one evening to me, a few weeks after her 80th birthday. 

 She hands me a copy of the poem - each line was descriptive, with very characteristic content, the kind I knew she liked. She said, "Kiran, please put on your thinking cap - I need you to be imaginative for this" - as I read through the poem, the syntax of nritya and abhinaya were falling into place - flowing waters, eerie sages, bouncing bleating sheep, nonchalant shepherds, comical birds, mundane machines, pandits and mothers, gods and commoners, their motion was going to a dance in itself. On the other hand, pathos and injustice, devotion and deliverance, curiosity and humour, these were for my soul to ponder upon.

Press Report
 If the brain is a muscle, the last six months were like having a personal gym trainer. Each session more enriching than the other. Hema aunty's distinctive methods of teaching will go a long way in my career. "Mark my words - Be individualistic! Be Original", she stresses everyday, vehemently. 

 The Porous Earth was a gift given to me by my Guru; I must have accumulated some incredible karma in my previous births! Memories I shall cherish and experiences I shall carry forward. Thank you Aunty for trusting me with this. 

 Mrs. Tejdeep Kaur Menon - I have read your poem so many times, its internalized completely. Every metaphor you encoded into it excited me more - like seeing a beautiful pattern under the sheath of an unassuming surface. Thank you for all your help! And thank you for adopting me

My Note: As I am with my friends searching, finding and presenting information/ reviews, reports about classical dances, some performances, and some dancers have a charming and endearing effect. Kiranmayee is one of those dancers who approach every opportunity to perform with eagerness to explore their skill and creativity.

When "The Porous Earth" appeared, it appealed to me instantly. At first it was with curiousness and then after going through the production, I fell in love with the poem. Rivers are referred in India as "Jeeva Nadhis" and no wonder are called "Mothers". The words of the poet made me feel being Mother Earth, and being a River. The wonderful production is does read naturally and reach and get absorbed into our heart.. "The Porous Heart" 

This Poem is from Mrs Tejdeep Kaur Menon's Third anthology Minnamini from Sterling Publishers

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