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A Teacher Instructs You But A " Guru " Constructs You - August 2015

A Teacher Instructs You But A " Guru " Constructs You
-Contributed by Sri Rashmi Ranjan

August 2015

My Guru Smt Aruna Mohanty is one such live instance. She is a second mother to me . She is a guru who makes you responsible for your growth, who sends you on the road to freedom and yet acts a pointer to the way. She shows you the way to posterity and touches your spirit. Any teacher punishes you with compassion . She leads us by examples . might punish you with a stick for your mistakes but she is a guru who 

God to us because one can always find a teacher but only lucky ones The relationship is life long and deep .  "Guru" is such a divine gift of us the light of knowledge. Knowledge of who we are, how to relate can find a "Guru" . A guru to a shisya is like a mother to a child . The word  "Guru" truly means the one who dispels darkness and gives hallmark of excellence. There is much importance and requirement with the world and achieve true success. Most importantly, how to transcend the world and reach the abode of infinite Bliss which is the of a Guru in every walk of our life.

arena, the spark in her eyes was just enough to communicate all the Yesterday only while teaching us , Baby apa ( Aruna Mohanty ) told us how she wanted to see us as "intelligentdancers" in the international things in her heart... I am so lucky being able to get sucha Guru whose created by her . She believes Odissi being an art form is an imitation 
presence in my life is a blessing to me . She has got magic that each time she teaches she takes us into a complete another world, we get soo involved that we don't want to come out of that magical world of the life we see around us . She would teach us the same way taking
to give atlst 5 % of her effort, love, care,, dedication to my students!! real life examples, instances from our day to day works, insisting us to say the dialouges and dance..
Its just sooo much fun and a loot of things to learn. She has got a special skill to teach every age of people the way they can understand, I sometimes wonder will I ever be able

Introduction to Sri Rashmi Ranjan:
Trained and groomed at Odisha Dance Academy under the guidance of guru 
Smt Aruna Mohanty, Rashmi  is one of the most versatile dancers of his generation
Rashmi, an unique blend of dancer, stands out for hypnotizing the audience by his
He is renowned internationally for his striking combination of  the male energy 
intricate footwork, mesmerizing expressions, unbeatable style and perfectionism. 
with gentle and graceful movements performed without compromising the 
ancient Indian aesthetic values
Contributor, Rashmi Ranjan, Aruna Mohanty
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