Friday, 5 February 2016

Challangers & Detractors; Intolerance - Artist Perspective

While I was reading an article written by an Artist, came across the two words that mystify an Artist. Challengers and Detractors! (Add Intolerance too?).This was in the context of being confronted on their artistic expressions in dance or art. 

An Artist who feels that their ideas or that they themselves are being challenged, misinterpreted or facing intolerance gives an impression that society is constraining them in expression of their artistic-thoughts. Is it always true? 

Going down the unbeaten path happens naturally with passage of time (compulsion at times) and the hardship does not by itself accrue upon the artist. That there is resistance, that they are challengers and that there could be detractors.. is a feeling that would negate their thought process. 
Very often, it may even happen due to lack of planning! (Else how would you explain the resistance?) At least in most cases, that could be the case.

An Artist Expression is deliberate at times so as to build this feeling of suffocation on his or her Target Audience. When viewed from such "needles eye" of suspicion, an Artist is then expected to use the words of Challangers & Detractors. If not, it is Marketing the Emptiness of the Artist's Work. 

The path to feeling that ones work is constrained by the "challengers & detractors" may be detrimental in the long run. There are some artists that follow this path believing that the "shock" would gain the momentum in their career. Risky. 
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