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Kuchipudi Performance - Sarvani Yadavalli - Vempati Margazhi Utsav - A Report - January 2018

Kuchipudi Performance 
Sarvani Yadavalli - Vempati Margazhi Utsav 
29th December 2017

Sarvani Yadavalli - Vempati Margazhi Utsav -  29th December 2017 
- A report by Bhavanvitha Venkat

A blissful Sri Siddhendra Yogi's golden statue  welcomed the rasikas to Vempati Margazhi Utsav, Chennai. The statue was unveiled by the Deputy Chief Minister of Tamilnadu Sri Panneer Selvam on the 26th December 2017,The festival was organized by and at Kuchipudi Art Academy Chennai.

Sarvani, a student of Smt.Sobha Naidu, Sri Vedantam Radheyshyam, Smt.Seetha Nagajyothy (she initiated her Kuchipudi from Guru Raja Ram early in her childhood) performed on the 4th day of the festival. She performed two items as the slot provided to her was for forty five only.  

The two items she performed were Sandhya Tandavam and an Annamayya Keerthana "Vacchenu Alamelu Manga". Sandhya Tandavam  depict Lord Siva dancing with Parvati dancing at a time the daylight fades and the world embraces darkness. The item is timed perfect with the slot she was in the evening. This Ragamalika in Adi Talam, is written by Sri K V Satyanarayan and Music composed by Gopala Krishna and Sarvani herself choreographed the item.

With Brahma, Vishnu, Saraswathi, and Indra in accompaniment with musical instruments, Shiva and Parvati dance with bliss on Mount Kailash.  A piece of such grand imagery needs matching choreography. This is a fast paced item in which words are easy to comprehend and follow and the piece is set to charecterastic rhythm adn vibrancy. 

Sarvani captured the attention right away, her comfort and ease evident. Her choreography so naturally aligned to suit her dancing style incorporating her natural strengths be it her expressive eyes or the powerful postures finished to perfection captured the audience. Her sculpturesque portrayals of the various character and quick transformation as Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati made this item stand out.  

The next item was an Annamayya Keerthana, "Vachhenu Alamelu Manga".  This piece flows with all the poetic excellence and describes the arrival of the Goddess. The item is created as a Pravesa dharu of Kuchipudi tradition is choreographed by her Guru Dr Sobha Naidu in a ragamalika set to Adi Talam.  The dance narrative depicts the navarasas with interpretations. The interpretation of navarasas with associated stories make it long and at the same time give scope to the dancer to show her caliber. 

Sarvani has the talent, energy and ease to make an impact through her performance and she looks even more comfortable to her choreography. Her performance naturally has the Andhra look, flavor and feel so essential and representative of Kuchipudi.

With her potential she should venture to study and perform the Vaggeyakaras keerthanas and present them through her own choreography. The classical nature of such items would be much closer to the tradition besides giving opportunity and scope to sharpen her dancing mind. There is certainly a need for such dance and dancers in the current times.

The dignitaries showered praise on the young dancer. 

Contributor: *Bhavanvitha Venkat is a Writer, Kuchipudi Dancer. He is also an advisor of cultural organizations. 

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