Saturday, 14 February 2015

Program Notes- Kuchipudi - Kumbakonam - February 2015

Performing in Kumbakonam Nrityanjali on the occasion of Maha Sivaratri is an offering to the Lord of Dance Himself. Please find attached the program note from Srividya.

Srividya Angara Sinha performs in the hallowed grounds of the Adi Kumbheswara temple of Kumbhakonam on the auspicious occasion of MahA SivarAtri.

Her repertoire for the evening comprises Jathiswaram, in the rAgam AthAna, and tAlam Adi. The item was composed and choreographed by the late guru and legend- Padmavibhushan Sri Vempati Chinna Satyam and is testament to the strength of both physique and technique in a Kuchipudi dancer. The item highlights Nritta, embracing it to the fullest. And the exhilaration born of it, according to Srividya, is a truly liberating experience.

The concluding piece is CandrasEkharam sadA bhajEham, a kriti in the mArgahindOla rAga, and Adi tAla. Composed by Sri Muttuswami DIkshitAr, one-third of the sacred classical carnatic trinity, the kriti glorifies Lord Siva as Candrasekhara … the one bearing the crescent moon on His head.

The choreography begins with “AtmAtvam…GirijAmati:” a sloka set to the Sindhubhairavi rAga, and taken from the Siva mAnasa pUja stotra, where the dancer offers herself, mind, body and spirit to the Lord. Twin streams of pure movement and expression move purposefully through the plains of this composition, giving shape to an original choreography, a humble effort by the dancer to pay her respects to the great God Siva – the primal source of energy in the universe.

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