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Report- Kalakshetra Foundation Jatayu Moksham - February 2015

7th February 2015
Kalakshetra Foundation
Jatayu Moksham
Balgangdhara Rang Mandir

- A Report from Sri Pandithar Sivakumar Perumal

Kalakshetra foundation Chennai’s first performance at Pune takes off supremely with Jatayu Moksham. Held at the Balgandharv Rang Mandir on the evening of Saturday, 7th February 2015. The dance drama choreographed by legendary doyen of Bharatanatyam Smt. Rukhminidevi Arundale in 1965.

Simply beautiful is just a term to describe how it was, but you may not just call it so. Pure, perfect full of precision. I think such productions are so minutely analysed before it is staged, that is the hallmark of Kalakshetra, which stands for quality.

The simple set, the costume selection, which has always been talked about of being Kalakshetra style of costume. The dancers who have put in so much hard word is evident from their performance itself. The abhinaya of the artists, their “aramandi”, their “angashuddhi” are few of the criteria which showcases the class of an artist, full marks to them on these aspects. For all those in rasikas aspiring to be an artist these are classic examples of how it should be done.

 The dance drama is filled with very interesting episodes like when Rama and Lakshmana attempt to catch the golden deer maaricha, well conceived and well presented too, the nimble footwork and the beauty of gentle dance using the entire stage. The instance where dialogue between Surpanakha, Rama and Lakshmana showcased intense reactions from the artists, speaking to a rakshashee, while Sita and Ravana disguised as sage had its moments too, the choreographers eye to detail comes forte yet again, the expressions of the artists are wonderful. The disappearing of ravana as a demon king and replaced by ravana the sage was magnificent. The fight sequence too were very well executed, what a mastery these artists have gained

 Well supported by the vocal and the musicians, the dance drama was the finest to be staged yet, and this being the very first occasion of the institution of dance. The audience applauded the performance with thundering standing ovation to the entire team. On this occasion the current director of Kalakshetra Ms. Priyadarshini Govind was the guest of honour, and such performance by her institute will be another proud moment for her. Meghana Sabade’s, Nrityayatri institution was instrumental in bringing the production to Pune. Thankful of Nrityayatri and looking forward to more.

Pandithar Sivakumar Perumal

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