Thursday, 26 March 2015


 Sahasra Fine Arts, led by Sarvani Yadavalli, celebrated an Indian Classical Dance Festival –“KRAMA”, meaning Lord Vishnu (n) and Sequence (v) on March 8th 2015 @ West London. The event was a very satisfying event in the Indian Classical Dance Scenario of London with around 300 people witnessing a pure Indian Classical Dance Festival.

 Krama took the audience through different incarnations of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu is known as the Supreme Protector of Life. ‘Dasavataram’ is a story of 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu at different times when he descended to Earth to save mankind from prevailing evil forces. KRAMA showcased sequences of various incidents of Lord Vishnu, through three different flavours of Indian classical dance forms - Kuchipudi from the South-east, Kathak from the North and Mohiniattam from the southern end of Indian subcontinent. This event combined presentations from professional artists and the students of Sahasra Fine Arts who desire to excel in Indian Classical Dancing.

 The event started at 2PM and the anchor for the event Ms. Bhanu Sistla welcomed the audience and took us through the journey of Sahasra Fine Arts (SFA). Then, the curtain rose with the students of SFA reciting the Natya Sastra Slokas. As the event was celebrated on the international women’s day, the first item was on Parvati Devi in Mohiniattam style describing the great qualities of the "devi".

 Later, the event focussed on the theme selected KRAMA and there were different items taking the audience through different yugas and showing different incarnations. This was done in three dance styles and the narration at the back ground by Sarvani provided a connection between the yugas and made us understand the theme. The students of SFA and the professional artists danced to great lyrical compositions in three different flavours of India. Ms. Mukti Shri enthralled the audience with her captivating abhinaya in Ram Bhajan and Ms. Ranjitha showcased the grace of Mohiniattam in a very beautiful manner. The students of SFA danced to the choreographies of Sarvani on Annamayya and tyagaraja kerthanas. The event concluded with the focus shifting to the other meaning of the theme Krama- Sequence with the Kathak dancers doing a rhythmic composition.

 “I am flabbergasted by the choice of songs and the stunning choreography. It was a delight to the eyes watching the little ones charmingly dancing to the steps, matching the rhythm.”- A member of the audience mentioned.

 The guests of the event Sri Madhava Turumella, Sri. Prabhakar kaza and Smt. Lakshmi Kaul felicitated the guest artists and presented mementos to all the participants. The event concluded with the director of SFA- Sarvani presenting vote of thanks.

Thanks to Sahasra for the report

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