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Kuchipudi - Kuchipudi Workshop in Kolkata - A Report - March 2015

Kuchipudi Art Academy - Workshop - Kolkata - March 2015- A Report:

Dancers of Kolkata had a wonderful opportunity to attend to a Kuchipudi workshop from Kuchipudi Art Academy, Chennai, which was established by Kuchipudi Guru Dr Vempati Chinna Satyam, and conducted by one of the leading exponents of Kuchipudi , Smt Srimayi Vempati  for a span ten days. 

She conducted a ten days workshop in the nuances of Kuchipudi dance at The Mysore Hall in South Kolkata from 13th March to 22nd March, 2015 

 Participants were grouped according to the knowledge they had about Kuchipudi. There was a group for absolute beginners as well and it they could learn right from the basics. 

 The workshop everyday started with a Pranam followed by Adavus and Jatis. Other lessons included Poorvarangam , an invocatory number where the dancers offered their salutations to Nataraja and Parvati , Mara Katha Manimaya , an Abhinaya elucidating Krishna’s childhood pranks and Swarajati. The most attractive item taught was Tillana. Based on raag Hindolam it was a highly enriched item full of joy and intricate movements.

 Mrs Vempati’s approach to the workshop was that apart from teaching the techniques and skills she also taught her students the right thought process , attitude, discipline and dedication which is as important as learning the dance. Even after hour of rigorous practice she could get the support and enthusiasm to give in a little more effort every day. 

 The workshop was not limited to practical learning only. Students were incorporated with theoretical knowledge of Natyasashtra, Pada Bhedas and Hasta Mudras which helped them to delve into the root of the dance form.

 This workshop left the students of Kolkata eagerly looking forward to the next workshop. Students in modern times are engaged into so many things and and have so less time to dedicate, the workshop made the best use of the time they get with their beloved ‘Srimayi Di’ imbibing from her not only her art, but also as a way of life.

Report from Kuchipudi Art Academy

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