Thursday, 2 April 2015

New Music Compositions for Odissi Dance - Suggestions - April 2015

Contributor Sri Jagabandhu Jena

 I request the musicians of Bhubaneswar specially for Odissi dance. Whenever any dancer from out side comes here for a new composition , kindly be serious about the reality of that composition that should be like Odissi. Because non Odiya dancers have very less knowledge and experience about ODISSI RAG , TAAL, GAYAKI .I specially mean for the dancers who dont have respect for ODISSI, ODIYA CULTURE and doing experiement ,,,,,,means who only use Odissi according to their own interest . Be aware of them .

 Use of BINA, BENU , MARDAL and MANJIRA with specific Odissi TAAL and Singing style of Odissi is most important. So it is our moral responsibility to guide her / him to maintain the classicism of Odissi music. We should not be purchased . I have seen many times that non Odiya dancers have taken help of Odiya Musicians but that compose were not proper Odissi ,,,,,,,it was really disappointing.

Your comments?

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