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Samarpana – An evening of Mohiniyattam :: Program Note - April 2015

Samarpana – An evening of Mohiniyattam :: Program Note - April 2015

Samarpana – An evening of Mohiniyattam By Tapasya (Amrutha, Bindu, Manjulekha, Vinaya) On 17th April 2015 , 6 pm Sevasadan,

14TH Cross Road, West Park Road,

Malleshwaram, Bangalore

Tapasya - an Indian classical dance group, formed by a group of passionate dancers who extend their dreams beyond their professional and family realms. The dancers having trained under the famous Mohiniyattam exponent Kerala Karnataka Kalashree Guru Sreedevi Unni, have performed at various prestigious dance festivals like MohiniNrithyotsav, World Dance day, Hampi festival and ISKON in addition to also performing on stage at Guruvayoor, Raveendra Kalakshetra, Chowdaiah hall amongst others.

Tapasya presents “Samarpana” as a Dakshina to their Guru, who guided them into the enchanting world of Mohiniyattam and helped them pursue their passion for dancing. This program will be held at Sevasadan Auditorium, 14th Cross, West Park Road, Malleshwaram on 17th April 2015.

In a step away from the traditional format, the narthakis have composed a unique format of the invocatory Item – Cholkettu as a special dedication piece to the guru. This rendition is a combination of shlokas invoking Lord Ganesha, Bhoomi Devi, Shiva and Krishna ending with the shloka - Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu.

The evening of Mohiniyattam is performed by 4 dancers and will present a dance drama “Ganga Ulpathy” in addition to the Padams and the final piece of the evening – the Thillana

*Thanks to Tapasya

B-412, Itina Abha, Munnekolala, Marathahalli, Bangalore - 560037


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