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Warm welcome at Milwaukee - Guru Poornima July 2015 - Nirupama & Rajendra

Warm welcome at Milwaukee 
Guru Poornima
July 2015
Pic Credit- Abhinava Dance Company

Dancing couple Nirupama and Rajendra, the dancing couple from Bangalore-India have over the years created a wave of excitement on the Indian dance scene.

Founder Directors of Abhinava Dance Company, Bangalore, rooted in the traditions, Kathak and Bharatanatyam, they produce dance works featuring an extraordinary range of creative expressions from the deep Indian classics to contemporary and perform them across the world.

During their ongoing tour to USA, they narrate their experience on the occasion of Guru Poornima. 

" JHOOM " Tour Experience:

Dancing at Milwaukee USA. Here is their experience in their own words.. in Milwaukee. The young dancers of Milwaukee lead by their dashing teacher Deepa Devasena gave us a fabulous surprise with welcome banners, flowers, cakes , sweets ,handmade cards & gifts - all filled with LOVE.

Though we never let people address us as GURUS we feel very happy to see such deep respect for teachers & the taught , it is so beautiful , so valuable. Very happy that Deepa has inculcated this noble feel in her dancers. Coincidentally an American professor whom we met at the Milwaukee Museum yesterday said to us about how he liked students from Bangalore whom he taught. He said - I love Indians & particularly ' Hindus ‘ ! this made us curious and asked why particularly Hindus and he joyfully said - because ,It is the way they live , they have so much respect for teachers ! 
This conversation filled me with so much love for our country , our culture. 

On this special day of Guru Poornima we humbly prostrate to all the Great Gurus and surrender to the noble thought of Respecting Teachers ! 

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