Friday, 10 February 2017

My 40 years in Switzerland...! - Dancing - Sri Dasappa Keshava Speaks - Febraury 2017

My 40 years in Switzerland...!

Born in a Gowda family in the year 1946 at Mysore in South India. Choosing Dance and yoga as my profession was not an easy task in those days but my parents and family members were very supportive in my decision.

I have just completed 70 years. The practice of traditional yoga and the sacred Indian dance have kept me in good health and to lead a peaceful life.

During 1975, with a great will power to achieve success, I shifted to Switzerland. There I got married to Esther Jenny and settled down in Switzerland. We established a cultural institution under the name " Kalasri" in the year 1976, the very first school for Indian art and culture in Switzerland. Kalasri played an important role in propagating the Indian art and culture in an European country. We were recognised as ' Swiss Indian dance couple '. Our three children -Anjali, Ananda and Sumitra have made my life pleasant. It is my fortune that Anjali and Sumitra have taken dance and yoga as their integral part of life. I am very proud of them.

In the past 40 years, I have taught many people belonging to different nationalities. We were invited by many European and Indian cultural organisations to give dance programmes and to conduct lecture demonstrations on Indian art and culture. I have received high appreciation and my work in the field of Indian art and culture has been recognised. I have learnt many good things from European people and adopted those in to my life. I am very happy about my achievements and feel that I am blessed to serve the ancient art and culture of India.

I have not lost my enthusiasm even today to carry on my profession further. Every year I visit my motherland India with great excitement. I take this opportunity to thank all my Gurus, Co-artists, organisers, students,relatives, journalists and friends who are constantly and continuously encouraging and supporting me to work in my chosen profession. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you...D. Keshava

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