Thursday, 9 March 2017

Dance Fraternity Upset With Government Letter - Nomination of Youth Culture Ambassador - March 2017

A letter supposed to have been issued by Youth Advancement (Secretary), Tourism & Culture Department this month March 2017 drew wide spread criticism from Kuchipudi community including  from the traditional Bhagavathulu families.

The main contention is about the relevance and applicability of appointing a dancer whose main capability is not Kuchipudi but fusion (and more specifically her talent being in dancing with a hoola hoop ring). No doubt her talent in such art form is extra-ordinary, but how appropriate is she being a brand ambassador for a traditional and classical art form ie Kuchipudi, many feel.

Kuchipudi continues to be the dedicated art form even today from the traditional Bhagavathula families from the Kuchipudi village, though it has spread to other population world over.

In the interest of the classical dance form, it is recommended that the sensitivity attached to the issue is recognized by the Government and its officials and a suitable amendment be bought in. That is the request and demand that the Kuchipudi artists and supporters are making.

Some say that more details need to be brought into public domain as to the "circumstance reported" to the Government department, as it is this term that finds mention in the so referred letter.

It is not known as to what is the benefit of such nomination as "Culture Ambassador" in terms of funds allocation, resources, and any other support entail and accrue to the nominee. Since the word "Nominee" is used, it is also unclear as to actual declaration of someone as culture ambassador, whether it is final or not.

Overall it is suggested that the real meaning, intent and circumstance be made clear by the Government of Andhra Pradesh; be made clear so as to not hurt the sentiments of Kuchipudi artists.

Your comments are awaited.

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